This document is identical to the printed book distributed on Friday, August 3, 2018, following the evening service of the 77th International General Assembly. This document will be updated with final appointments to boards and committees not listed herein. The release will take place electronically on Monday, August 20, 2018.

Click to download and read: 77th INTERNATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2018 – 2020 ELECTIONS & APPOINTMENTS


Alabama Terry Robert Hart
Alaska James Patrick Wright
Arizona J. Shea Hughes
Arkansas Billy Ray Claypoole II
California-Nevada Sean Stewart O’Neal
Canada-Ontario Lennox D. Walker
Canada-Quebec/Maritimes Jacques Houle
Canada-Western Larry Hasmatali
Delmarva Stanley Ray Holder
East Central Hispanic David Munguia Z.
Florida-Cocoa Anthony T. Pelt
Florida-Tampa Timothy Edwin Brown
Georgia-North Thomas A. Madden
Georgia-South Gary J. Lewis
Great Lakes Region Timothy Lloyd Cushman
Hawaii Fred A. Abbott
Heartland Region (KS/OK) David W. Jarvis
Illinois Rick Whitter
Indiana David H. Gosnell
Kentucky Charles E. Fischer
Louisiana Derwood Laverne Perkins
Michigan Kip A. Box
Midlands Michael John Stigile
Ministry to the Military Robert A. Moore, Jr.
Minnesota Clayton W. Watson
Mississippi Melvin Raymond Shuler
Missouri Thomas L. Powell Jr.
New England Hispanic Rigoberto A. Ramos
New England-Northern Donald Michael White
New England-Southern Kenneth L. Hill
New Jersey Raymond Burch
New Mexico James Dwayne Binion
New York A. Steve Smith
North Carolina-Eastern L. Dennis Page
North Carolina-Western Kenneth R. Bell
North Central Hispanic Luis O. Rodriguez
North Central Region David L. Kemp
Northeastern Hispanic Juan A. Garcia
Northwestern Hispanic Manuel de la Garza
Ohio Ron K. Martin
Pacific Northwest Vaughn D. Mathews
Pennsylvania Tony D. Cooper
Rocky Mountain Region David Brian Smith
Romanian Territory Tony Phillip Lane
South Carolina Bruce Rabon
South Central Hispanic Fidencio Burgueno L.
Southeastern Hispanic Otoniel Collins
western Hispanic Samuel Santana
Southwest Indian Ministries Thomas Tapley
Tennessee T. Wayne Dority
Texas Toby Stephen Morgan
Virginia Joseph A. Mirkovich
West Virginia Daniel W. Hampton, Jr.

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  1. luis arzola says:

    God bless you bishop Dr timothy Hill I want to congrat you and all the team for the work in the Genersl Asembly 2018
    I dint make it because I was take care my dad Im the only son he has
    He have Dementhia

    But I was connected in the bussness seccion and all the preaching I was connected

    That was awesome no word
    God use you in a powerful way and our bishops Tony and Jenny Garcia

    And Bishop Daniel Piñero God is Good
    all the preachers Tony Evans Tony Garcia Jensen Frankilyn Our Bishop De Timothy Hill
    with the 4 Jeremia Generetion
    Thanks Bishop we love you!!
    Bishop Luis Arzola
    member on the region counsel
    Northeast region
    God Bless you

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