4 +1 = BE AMAZED

As I was drinking my Powerade (those who know me know why I had to go run down to the cafe and buy one quick), listening to the song "Good Good Father" while waiting outside the OR and Sherin is being prepped inside, a dear close friend sends a text and it read as follows: "He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” Psalms 91:4 NLT"

The "BE AMAZED" moment for me happened when I finished reading the scripture reference. Why? Well, before Sherin was taken in for the surgery (and I ran down to buy Powerade), the Holy Spirit gave me a scripture to read aloud over Sherin and the baby. I did so in the room, we prayed and then followed the staff into the OR waiting area. That scripture was Psalms 91.

Well, Sherin and I were in the OR with a bunch of medical staff, the Powerade stayed outside on a seat, but we were joined by our newest beautiful baby girl. We became parents of 3 kids this week. On Monday, the Lord decided it was time for us to see what He had in His mind before time began. He created this person and was forming her over the past 9 months in Sherin's womb.

God blessed our family with a new gift of life, Lillian. Mom and baby are resting, getting stronger, and doing well. Abigail and Kayla, her older sisters, are so excited and can't wait to bring her home. Abigail went from having one person call her "chaechi" (Indian vernacular for big sister) to two people. Kayla went from being our baby to being a chaechi. Sherin and I go from "man to man" to "zone" defense. Sherin's strength, motherly instincts, love, care, and nurturing gift is what makes our family go and grow!

I never realized you can love so much until having Lillian. Logic may seem that with more kids the fullness of your love just gets spread out equally. This is really hitting deep in me now more than ever that its not about loving our kids equally but loving each one fully. Isn't that what our "Good Good Father" in heaven feels too? Its not loving each of His children equally but He loves each of us fully! You will not receive part of His never ending or never failing love, but ALL of it! Abigail, Kayla, and Lillian will not get part of our love but each will get all of our love.

Please keep Sherin, Lillian and our family in your prayers! Thanks to all for your prayers, encouragement, well wishes, and support!

Mathew Family of 5