Against All Odds It is disgusting what the Deep State…

Against All Odds It is disgusting what the Deep State…

Against All Odds

It is disgusting what the Deep State has been doing for ions in using our precious sons and daughters to protect their foreign investments instead of the national security of the US, which they portend is what they are doing. With Iran being the latest example of this, you see how much control the Deep State has over our elected.

That’s because we keep reelecting the same people over and over who become with time more and more owned by the Deep State because they buckle to the obtaining of riches for themselves making them willing to do the bidding of these evildoers of the Deep State who are comprised of the International Central Banks mostly from the western nations and the Transnational Corporations.

It is from the western nations, the Revived Roman Empire, in the end time, the Anti-Christ arises to world domination and we are there folks. He is just waiting in the wings, waiting for the church to be raptured out of the earth, then he comes on the scene and is given power to overcome the saints made during the seven-year tribulation period, known biblically as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Revelation 13:7

The problem lies with the leadership of the two parties in America put into place by the Deep State to do their bidding, which is why you see them writing the legislation in many cases, sending to the congress with orders to get it passed. That is what the special interest groups and lobbyist are hired to do these days.

If an elected person with sincere goals for the people of his district and/or state challenges them they are gone, no more money for their campaign and no way will any legislation they want to put forth will see the light of day. Over 40 Republicans are leaving the House of Representatives and lot of that is attributable to this very reason. Folks, that’s how corrupt our United States Government has become, which is why Trump has been under attack since day one working to eliminate or drain the swamp.

The press is okay with Iran killing our sons and daughters if it fosters the Deep State’s goal of countering Trump’s actions. Your sons and daughters are but pawns in the hands of the Deep State and it has been that way at least since the Viet Nam war. It’s horrible what I see for the future of the US military once the news is out about how these evil people use our sons and daughters not to secure the US national security unless you define US National Security as protecting these evildoers financial investments overseas. That’s is what it amounts to being.

My fear is this evil is now catching up with this country and being seen for what it is and encouraging our sons and daughters to join the military will see a great fall in recruitment. For one thing our enemies are catching up fast with the new technologies being employed in the theater of war and that includes the ability to shut down our computer systems, which these days are intricately used with our military hardware. It is as the prophet Jeremiah said, they have forborne to fight, they are affrighted or become as women all descriptions he uses.

Trump is trying to reverse this course of action but the Democrats, some Republicans and the media are practically owned and operated by the Deep State making it difficult for him to make the adjustment. He is cleverly using a ploy that is working using sanctions to curtail the enemies acts of aggression but how long that works before they join together against us is yet to be seen.


Unless God intervenes big time like he did against all odds in getting Trump into the presidency, again the odds of taking the house back from the communists is growing slimmer. The billionaire Sodomists are spending money like never before to destroy the Republican Party. George Soros, Pete Steyer and Bloomberg has thus far spent over 300,000 million dollars to accomplish this fate spending a lot of it on ads laced with deception against what Trump is doing. These are just three I know of spending big bucks doing Satan’s bidding.

Let’s face it, the information most of America is getting is reliant on the mainstream media and they are being deceived into believing a lot of these lies and deception, so I encourage everyone that has a family member or neighbor working with this media to hold them accountable even disowning them if they don’t stop it with fostering the Deep State goal of total and complete domination of all of our lives.

This in my opinion is one of the strongest weapons we citizens can peacefully employ to stop the Deep State who relies heavily on mind altering drugs and false propaganda to get their way into controlling our lives. And please don’t doubt for a minute the drug abuse in America is being done by these worshipers of Satan. The book of Revelation is clear on this about how it will be in the end time of which we are.

Revelation 18:23 tells us the world’s population will be drugged. And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Sorceries here refers to drug use or being drugged. As mentioned above, we now learn drugs are in the water tables and aquifers. As to whether this is done by design or not, I can’t tell but the fact remains they are there. There can be no doubt that altering one’s mind through drugs makes it easier to deceive and that is what this verse says will happen.

Drug Fact

Concerning drugs, the Bible declares that the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake, which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death (Revelation 21:8). The term “sorcerer” is the English transliteration from the Greek, Pharmakeia. It means “pharmacy” or “drug store.” The original idea is to use drugs for a “high,” or “lift,” or a “kick”, not for medication but to reach mind-altering proportions! God plainly states that those who use drugs promiscuously are in the “lake of fire.”

You just read the fate of the evildoers; therefore, I ask all children of God everywhere to include in their prayers for a shaking to occur to these men propagating the throne of Satan whether they are doing it knowingly or not. Recall, Nehemiah faces a similar situation when they Jews were returning back to their homeland and he by God’s order shook his cloak at the leaders declaring for all practical purposes God’s judgment on them if they didn’t stop the suppressing of the new comers that arrived a little later than they did.

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