“I can’t breathe”, George Floyd begged for his life from…

“I can’t breathe”, George Floyd begged for his life from an officer who was brutally arresting him. All he wanted was a little air that most take for granted. He begged for mercy but the police officer would give him none of it, till he breathed his last.
Derek Chauvin the officer seen kneeling on the neck of George knew nothing about mercy. He couldn’t give what he had never received or known.
The world’s manipulators get hold of that video and pushed such a global outrage and debates on “racism “. They are manipulating your emotions in order to curb your understanding. They are controlling you away from God.

God never created different races. He actually created one race called the human race and this human race has appeared in different colors. Human, not Color is the race God created. We are all one, spirits, created in the image of God, having a soul and living in a body. We have the same red blood, however, there’s someone or a group of persons who want to make us believe this outrageous word, “racism “. Racism is not what is killing people. Such thinking is evidence of being brainwashed. The disturbing word here is, “Hatred”.

Hatred is not just to have a strong dislike, no. It is simply defined as selfishness. Hatred is a byproduct of self- righteousness. Self-righteousness is a byproduct of choosing to act independent of God. We preach against hatred in church but can’t see the self righteousness we exhibit in this case. “Justice for George,” we cry out, thinking of ourselves far better than Derek. “The world can give justice in it’s own eyes but this shall never erase the hatred but inflame it the more. I understand most of you are already emotionally inflamed and your selfishness tells you how justified you are to be angry at the police and our brothers with a different skin color.

You forgot that love is not easily angered and to be easily angered is for you to March to the beats of another drummer who isn’t God and you call it freedom! You riot, steal(your manipulator calls it looting so you can justify your hatred) and burn cities in the name of seeking justice! Satan and his cohorts is benefiting from all this hatred. Your skin color is not your race, you belong to the human race but satan wants to divide us according to our skin colors. We are one race with the same color of blood and what is ailing us now is not racism but hatred.
How do you burn a city, steal and riot, destroying livelihoods and call it seeking justice? Don’t you know that such anger lies in the laps of fools. An eye for an eye leaves the world blind. “Rather the whole world be blind than me alone being blinded.” Really? Your reasoning is self righteousness manifesting in hatred.

Hatred has no color. It is what it is. Evil. Do not call it racism, it is hatred.
An elderly white man in a nursing home in Detroit, Michigan was viciously beaten by 20-year-old Jaden T. Hayden, who recorded the whole incident on video, sparking a firestorm on social media and prompting President Donald Trump to decry the abuse of the defenseless man.
In the shocking footage, Hayden repeatedly punches the elderly man, identified as Norman Bledsoe, in the face. However, Blesdoe was not the only victim of Hayden, who recorded himself beating another woman living in the nursing home. Another video that the suspect himself uploaded and shared shows jim uttering rhetoric about blacks meant to rule the earth. This young man brainwashed and marching to the beats of hatred has no clue that God created man in his own image Male and female, not black, white, red etc. We are one human race in different color skins. We are not the color of our skin and no one should determine anyone’s humanity based on their color. Dominion over the earth was not given to color but to human created in the image of God Genesis 1:26-28.
Do you know that statistically in U.S.A, more of our brothers with a white skin color are killed by police than those with a black skin color? In 2017, police killed 457 with a white skin color compared to 223 having black skin color. In 2018 it was 399 compared to 209. In 2019 it was 370 compared to 235. In 2020 alone it is so far 42 compared to 31. The outrage? Racism!! Who is fooling who?
There’s nothing like black lives matter, or white lives matter or red lives matter or blue lives matter. All life is sacred to God and thou shalt not commit murder. The human race matters to God. Skin color doesn’t hate people, people hate people. Take the color away and admit we are one race in the image of God
Saddenning to see and hear preachers crying out for justice! What do you mean? Are you emotionally blackmailed too by satan and his cohorts? Have you finally been overcome by evil and you feel you can’t resist sin anymore? We overcome evil with good and not with evil. If we demand justice we tend to forget that if God gave us the same standard we demand for Derek, none of us would be alive today. The world can deal with him in anyway but we the church alone can give hope at such a time rather than playing to this emotional blackmail.

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather leave room for God’s wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink; for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:19-21

We are the light of this world, we are human beings not color beings. Hatred has no color.

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