Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Council of 24

Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Council of 24

Notice of Proposal to Amend the Bylaws of the International General Council and the International General Assembly

In accordance with the Minutes of the International General Assembly, the following amendment related to the Bylaws of the Church of God is being recommended by the International Executive Council to the 2018 International General Council for consideration.
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We recommend:

That we amend page 61, S2. BYLAWS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD, ARTICLE VI., Governing Bodies, 3. INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, Members—by deleting the words— “eighteen councilors [ the Council of Eighteen]” and replace with—twenty-four councilors [ the Council of Twenty-four].

So as to read:

The general overseer, his assistants, the secretary general, and twenty-four councilors [the Council of Twenty-four] elected by the International General Council shall constitute the International Executive Council of the church.
1986—The Executive Council was increased from 12 members to 18 members.  Membership in the United States and Canada was 546,728 and part of a worldwide membership of 1,652,089, with churches in 109 countries of the world.

2018—Membership in the United States and Canada is now 1,189,304 and part of a worldwide membership of 7,468,083, with churches in 184 countries of the world.

While the number of elected members of the Executive Council has remained the same for the past 32 years, membership has increased by 5,819,994 members during that same time period.

In light of this substantial growth, we are proposing that the number of Executive Council members be increased from 18 members to 24 members, plus the International Executive Committee which serves as members of the Executive Council by virtue of their office.

Further, that the General Council give equitable consideration in the selection process for ethnic and generational representation on the Executive Council.

It is understood that if adopted any reference to “eighteen (18) members” in S2. BYLAWS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD, or in any other section of the International General Assembly Minutes, shall be amended to “twenty-four (24) members” or the “Council of Twenty-four” where appropriate.

1.      Is this measure proportional to the international growth of the Church of God?

2.      Does the item allow for hearing of congregations at the periphery of the denomination?

3.      Does the measure compliment or contradict other agenda items on international ministry awareness and denominational growth?


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