Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Requirements of Applicants for Ministry

General Requirements of Applicants for Ministry


This motion seeks to change the current process of credentialing for exhorters and ordained ministers outside the United States and Canada to allow for a stronger sense of identity with the national Church of God where they will serve. The introductory level of credentialing could be expedited by empowering the field director to sign credentials after being recommended by the regional superintendent and national overseer following appropriate screening and testing, without compromising the integrity of the process.

Allowing the tests for the first two levels of ministry to be changed to reflect the history and polity of the particular nation/region of a candidate would help to strengthen the ministerial candidate’s sense of identity and understanding of the church in their nation/region.

Testing for the third level (ordained bishop) would remain unchanged, because all leaders with access to the International General Council and eligible for appointment or election need a broader knowledge of the church’s history and polity on the international level.

1.      Is this measure proportional to the international growth of the Church of God?

2.      Does the item allow for hearing of congregations at the periphery of the denomination?

3.      Does the measure compliment or contradict other agenda items on international ministry awareness and denominational growth?


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