Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: State Overseer

Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: State Overseer

XIX.     State Overseer Qualifications

RATIONALEThe position of state overseer is one which requires knowledge of the day-to-day work of the local pastor. By having accrued at least five years of active service as a senior pastor, the prospective state overseer will possess a first-hand understanding of the task of the local pastor, as well as the ongoing operation and challenges of the local church.

The exception in the case of those elected to international positions recognizes the wisdom of the body at large when the investment of trust is made in an individual. Likewise, the exception granted the International Executive Committee recognizes the knowledge and wisdom vested in those tasked with selecting leaders.

We recommend: That page 124, S32. STATE OVERSEERS, II. Qualifications— be amended by adding the following as item 6:

  1. Have served as the senior/lead pastor of a local church congregation for a minimum of five years or after having been elected to an international position. Any exceptions can be made by the International Executive Committee.


XX. State Overseer Qualifications—Leadership Development

RATIONALEThe dynamics of leadership are constantly evolving, and state overseers are called upon to provide leadership in various situations. By being involved in on-going leadership development settings, those serving as state overseers will be better equipped to provide insightful leadership methods. The International Executive Committee has a broad grasp of the varying leadership needs of both the state overseer and the state/region being served and is best suited to determine the specific areas of need in each situation.

We recommend: That page 125, S32. STATE OVERSEERS, be amended by inserting the following as VI. Continuing Leadership Development (Current Item VI. Duties and Authorities becomes Item VII. Duties and Authorities)

VI. Continuing Leadership Development

Overseers actively participate in continuing leadership development and training courses as planned, directed, and implemented by the International Executive Committee.


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